Fire and Weather Resistant RFID Wallet


Cell Phone, Anti-tracking, Anti-spying, GPS, RFID Signal Blocker, Case Wallet Bag

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This high-quality wallet will:
Protect you with Anti-Radiation – with this bag you can prevent being harmed by continual exposure to radiation that is produced by cellphones;
Anti-degaussing – when you put your ID card, bank cards, driver’s license, or even passports that have IC magnetism into the bag, it can stop magnetism readers that would lead to an information leak
Anti-signal – so it prevents people from being tracked and if you don’t want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the bag, then the phone will tell “Calls can not be connected.” This blocks all hacking attempts in crowded areas like a mall or an airport.
Weather Resistant – Protect your valuables from rain or other damaging weather.
Fire Resistant – Protect you from your phone melting down, or your valuables from a fire.
EMP attacks – protect your gadgets from an electromagnetic pulse whether naturally occurring or an intentional attack. Large enough to fit just about any phone with its protector (which is pretty unnecessary if you are keeping your phone in this wallet)

Easy to use
High quality and perfect design
Can be used as a wallet at the same time
Anti-radiation, anti-degaussing, anti-signal, anti-EMP attacks
Prevent people from being tracked with this bag, protect your privacy

Color: Black
Weight: 46g
Size: Length: 8.5 inches, width: 4.5 inches

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