RF Bug and Lens Finder


Spy Detector for full range detection and lens finding.

RF and Lens Finder

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This detector can detect and locate any wired, wireless hidden camera and RF device (wireless bugs)
with working frequency between 1MHz – 6.5 GHz, including GSM, VHF, UHF bugs,trackers.
It can also detect and locate spy camera lens with its powerful finder
It is equipped with an auto-detecting function, once it detects a bug, it will vibrate, beep and the LED will show rf strength for quick locating.
Product Features
Detecting frequency range: 1MHz – 6500MHz.
Laser detecting range of wired cameras (self-shoot): 0.1 – 20 m
Detecting range of RF device: 0.05 – 10 m (subjected to the transmitting power of the RF device)
Power supply: Built-in lithium polymer battery 450 mAH
Current consumption: 8mA
Viewing Lens: IR filtered lens
Self-shoot detecting wave length: 920nm
Material: ABS
Dimension: 93x48x17mm
1) Has an auto-detection function that scans all signals within 1MHz – 6500MHz and locates eavesdropping devices,
pinhole cameras, Casino gambling fraud, etc…the bug finder is small and can be hidden in your pocket on vibration for stealth detecting
2) With a signal strength indicator lights that can quickly find the signal at source.
3) Adjustable sensitivity. (Greater sensitivity to widen the scope or reduce
the sensitivity for faster accurate reading) quickly identify the frequencies at the source.
4) Detection mode: 1. Laser detection, 2. Vibration (Mute) detection, 3. Beep detection, 4. LED
display detection, 5. Headset
5) Low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery.
6) Laser detection: Lens filter helps to find hidden camera lenses by reducing dull shine, and focusing on camera lens reflection.

Package includes:

1 x Laser Camera Detector Finder
1 x Earphone
1 x 5 volt Charger
1 x User’s Manual
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