CoolCat Frequency Finder


Features of CoolCat Frequency Counter
Large LCD display with backlight
Low power consumption
Measure result holding and saving
Menu setting
Low battery indicator
Signal strength indicator

RF Frequency Counter

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Tired of wasting time analyzing a false positive reading? Look no further. Lots of bug finders find frequency and radiation emitting, but few can show you what they are transmitting at. The reason why this is important, is if it is a flat reading, say transmitting at 2.465 GHz, then it probably isn’t radio bouncing off metal in the walls, or radiation leaking from a bad circuit in the wall. A transmitter needs to stay at one transmittion to communicate with a receiver. A flat reading would mean a firm positive of a transmittion!

Specifications of CoolCat Frequency Counter
Frequency Measuring Range: 50MHz to 2600MHz
Impedance: 50 ohm VSWR<2:1
Sensitivity: <5mV@100MHz, 400MHz, <15mV@1GHz
Gate: 0.1Sec,  0.1m Sec, 1Sec
Time Base: <+/- 30ppm
LSD: 100Hz,
Battery type: 3 x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery (included)
Power adapter: DC5V / 1A
Dimension: 48mm x 84mm x 21mm
Weight: Approx 80g
Antenna: UHF type 7.5cm

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