Digital / Analog RF and Lens Finder DD-30


RF Detector Device – DD30

RF Bug Finder

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LawMate Pocket RF Detector – DD-30

RF Lens Finder DD-30 is an updated version of the popular DD3100. The tiny multi-functional RF detection device is equipped with the ability to find transmitting and non-transmitting cameras. Small enough to take anywhere, this handy tool is the perfect surveillance sweep companion. The DD-30 has an advanced setting that allows this detector to find cameras, listening devices, and even GPS loggers that do not transmit!

3 Modes of Detections 1. Lens finder| 2. Wireless RF Detection| 3. Wired (non-transmitting) Signal Detection

  • Quickly find hidden cameras using the hidden camera lens finder
  • Can be used as a wireless audio bug sweeper
  • Can detect wired devices such as audio recorders, INCREDIBLE!
  • Extremely small pocket-sized and lightweight detector
  • 4 section light scale to show  RF signal strength
  • Vibration detection mode for complete discreet operation
  • Camera finder lens for wired or wireless cameras detection


    • Frequency Range 20MHz – 6GHz
    • Camera Finder
    • Low and High Sensitivity
    • Vibration mode
    • AAA battery powered
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 40 in
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