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A white noise generator can generate both a white noise and pink noise signal simultaneously (the item contains an output jack for each). The noise signals consist of true random impulses unlike the more common pseudo-random digital noise generators which create an algorithmic sequence of bits that eventually repeats.

This product can provide good clean pink or white noise sound through your stereo system or computer speakers, which is a far better alternative than listening to white or pink noise from a “tinny” little speaker found in sound conditioners. Even the mechanical sound conditioners tend to produce a high pitched “hollow” sound. What about white or pink noise CD’s? Well, they play the same sound over and over again which becomes easy to filter out during analysis. Save wear and tear on your CD player and get a REAL noise generator!
What can white noise be used for? White noise can be used to block or reduce distractions, improve mental focus, and help promote sleep. It is great for masking unwanted high frequency noises (like children playing/laughing). White noise can also be used as a sound curtain to aid in preventing eavesdropping on private conversations. True-random white noise can also be utilized for some computer applications such as cryptography, or even for paranormal research.
What can pink noise be used for? The soothing sound of pink noise can help promote a state of relaxation & sleep for both babies and those suffering from insomnia. Pink noise can also provide relief for those suffering from tinnitus. I have found that it is helpful at masking distracting noises (like your neighbor’s barking dog), which can help improve focus and concentration. Some people even use pink noise as an aid for meditation practices. Other uses include testing and calibrating sound systems. The pink noise signal is accurate to within plus or minus 1/2 decibel (see picture gallery for spectral analysis).

As already indicated, the noise signal produced by this device must be patched to an audio amplification system such as a home stereo system (RCA cables included) or a set of amplified speakers (such as a pair of computer speakers) to produce a pink noise sound. But don’t worry, this product is very user friendly and easy to use. Hook-up is a snap

This product is strictly powered by a wall adapter (included). Purchase also includes RCA cables (for hook-up to external audio equipment) and Owner’s manual.
Note: Since the same signal is delivered to both output channels, the resulting sound will be in mono. Therefore, if you desire true stereo sound (stereo sounds richer and fuller than mono – the difference is incredible) two units are required. For stereo operation, you simply plug an RCA cable into each unit and then connect only one RCA plug from each cable (does not matter which ones – left or right channel) into your stereo system, leaving two plugs unconnected.

Power requirement: 12 VDC
Power consumption: 17 mA
Output jacks: 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo
Dimensions: L 4.2″ W 2.8″ H 1.2″
Frequency: 20Hz – 20,000 Hz
Output: Approximately 316mV RMS
Pink Noise: -3dB per octave +/- 0.5 dB
Output impedance (each output): 600 ohms
Crest Factor: 12 dB (4 mV / mV)

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