Voicelogger for Windows


  • Turns any Windows OS into a voice recorder
  • Records Skype Chats and other VOIP calls
  • Voice activated – Starts recording even before noise is detected
  • Dark Mode feature – Invisible Operation – Hidden App on PC/Laptop
  • Records both sides of a VOIP/Skype/FB Call
  • Have all recordings auto emailed

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Paraben Consumer’s Voice Logger turns any Windows Computer or Laptop into a covert infinitive listening device.

Voice Logger can record events like Skype chats and Facebook video calls (audio only) using the computer’s on board microphone.

Voice Logger utilizes the microphone & sound card and is able to capture all audio events happening through and around the computer.

With a pick up range of approximately 20 feet, Voice Logger can capture discussions taking place in the computers vicinity and inside it.

Once audio has been recorded, the device can automatically email the audio files to any email you choose.

After installation; there is no need to visit the target computer again.

Users also have the option of simply plugging in the Voice Logger USB to collect recordings from the target computer.

This will prompt Voice Logger to detect Audio files to automatically load onto the VL USB drive and users can then take the files away to review.

Who Uses the Voice Logger?

Used by Investigators, Online Teachers, Concerned Parents and Vigilant Business owners, the Voice Logger is ideal for long term monitoring of a specific computer where discussions are taking place through or around the target PC.

The Voice Logger has a Covert option. Users can easily configure the device to go into Dark Mode. This  mode ensures Voice Logger sits on the target computer in an invisible state.

As the Voice Logger is an App based solution, it can work whenever the Windows Laptop/Computer is switched on.

Ideal for monitoring field based employees who use Skype phone numbers.

Easily monitor your remote employees business calls. No need to monitor in real time. Voice Logger sends all recordings automatically by email, you can even set Voicelogger to send you emails/Audio at specific intervals or just have them sent as soon as sound is recorded.

Can also be used by professionals wishing to record their own discussions.

The automatic nature of the product means users do not need to remember to turn the Voice Logger on.

You can even set it to record in dictation mode so your notes can be grouped into one recording.

Feature Rich Software Solution

The Voice logger has a number of configurable features that provide users with many options including:

Voice Activated Recording (VOX) – Users can set the sound level to begin recording once a level of sound is detected.

Records for upto 10 seconds before and 3 minutes after sound is detected due to the always-on nature of the app.

Multiple data retrieval options – have recordings emailed automatically or plug in the devices USB drive to auto download all captured data

Voice Logger is a professional recording software with covert capabilities which can help monitor events which require vigilance. Whether you are a business owner or a parent, Voice Logger can help you continually monitor a computer’s usage and also monitor events happening in the vicinity of the Computer/Laptop.


  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • USB Port
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card
  • .Net Framework version 4.6.1
  • Internet Connection for Some Features
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