Econ Mini Key Chain DV Spy Camera Hidden DVR Cam


Small Car Fob with up to 32 gigabyte SD card support

Mini Key Chain DVR Camera

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This is a truly useful dual-function item that can be used by anybody, anywhere! Place it on your desk, on a shelf, in the background close by. This little key FOB is the perfect covert device to record video and audio! Easy to use and practical, this compact and pocket-sized device has been designed with maximum portability in mind, it fits unobtrusively anywhere. This Spy Camera is also a great portable video and photo recording tool for those people who work in the business, education, HR, security, media, press relations, tourism and related fields and may need to make quick, spontaneous video recordings.

.25 lbs
640×480 Resolution
90 min battery
Micro SD Card Slot up to 32 gigs (not included)

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 2 in
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