Faraday Bag IPads & Tablets


Signal Blocking for EMP & Hacking Protection

Faraday Bag

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Blackout Bag Blocks Cell Phone, RFID, GPS, WiFI, Key FOB signals
Black Imitation Leather
Combo Kit Sized for Laptops, Tablets, Cellphones, External Hard Drives, Credit Cards, Key FOB & Passports
Interior Faraday Cage Pocket for Signal Blocking
Exterior Pocket for Non-Shielded Storage
Approximately* 71-84db shielding & anti-radiation,anti-degaussing, anti-signal
9.5″x5.5″ in size

Custom Designed High Quality Blackout Bags are the best value and privacy solution available. Secure your electronics & protect your personal data with our industry leading products serving many sectors including Military, Law Enforcement, Cyber Security and Data Archiving.

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