Econ Button Camera


Econ Button Camera

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Hide a quality video camera and microphone in plain sight on your dress shirt or blouse.  Button cameras are hidden cameras that are disguised to look like a shirt or accessory button. They are a popular choice for covert recording because they are so easy to hide on your person. Professionals in law enforcement, private investigation, or secret shoppers will wonder how they ever got along without this discreet, do-it-all unit.

Not all button cameras are created equal. This setup leaves no detail unattended. For example, your garments probably have more than one button, so this button DVR comes with spares to make sure all your buttons match.  The built-in, top-of-the-line battery fully recharges in just two hours directly from a USB port.  Once charged, it is capable of recording for up to hours.

Record superb, high-resolution images and video. Begin collecting your evidence using the easy-to-use remote control.  The high-quality CCD image sensor records to up to 16GB Micro SD cards, giving you space for hours of video and images.

Transferring files is a snap. Use the included USB cable to move your data from the unit to your computer.
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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in
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