Contact Microphone With Amplifier


As simple and powerful as possible from a handheld listening device, this audio spy gadget can let you hear sounds through walls and other

barriers. So how does it work? Simple, you switch on the CoolGadget Audio Listening Device, insert the earphones, and then place the audio amplifier on

the wall and listenThis wall amp works by amplifying the vibrations of audio. Noise in a room are simply a waveband, and depending on how loud they 

are, the waveband travels short and long distances which are picked up and amplified by this device. The sensor on this spy audio gadget senses the

vibrations hitting the walls, ceiling, floor and amplifies them so that you can listen. If the waveband is low, meaning it is more of a lower sound like a booming

or a base, then you can use the dial located at the back of this cool audio spy gadget to adjust the volume and increase the sensors amplification.

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