Burglar Tripline


The Do it Yourself Anti Burglar System

Low cost burglar protection that stops the crime! Don’t trust a home alarm system! You need more protection than just a loud noise. Now you can have protection that really stops a burglar. When triggered by its trip line, the AB2000 will discharge 4 ounces of irritating OC pepper spray aerosol, causing an intruder to flee in a matter of seconds. Quickly and easily installed, the AB2000 provides a level of protection unmatched by any alarm security system at any price. The AB-2000 makes burglars wish they never thought of ripping you off!Warning: Not for use in aircraft or automobiles.

AB-2000 Features:

  • Armored (cast aluminum) housing.
  • Easily replaceable aerosol can.
  • Safety pin that prevents accidental discharges.
  • Multidirectional trip line installation.
  • Fast acting irritating aerosol is harmless to interior furnishings.
  • Complete and ready to use. – everything included.
  • Protects up to 2,000 sq. ft. of indoor space.

AB-2000 Package contents:

(1) AB-2000 anti burglar device
(1) 4 oz. OC pepper spray aerosol can
(2) Mounting screws
(1) Screw hook
(1) safety pin
(1) 16 ft. length, 12 lb. test, black braided nylon trip line
(2) Weather resistant warning decals
(1) Set of instructions

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