I am not a number



We’re already compelled to carry a government-assigned number to get health care, enroll our children in school, open a bank account, drive a car, hold a job, buy stocks, or even rent a video. We endure scans, warrantless searches, and inspections. Cameras peer at us everywhere. Rude and often ignorant “security screeners” pat us down at airports while we cower submissively. This book is for people who want to take steps, within their own lives and their communities, to ensure that the Surveillance Stops Here. As Wolfe writes, you can’t have both freedom and a convenient, secure, go-along-to-get-along life. If you aren’t willing to take personal risks, don’t read this book!

From the Back Cover

Thinking about going fishing? Enrolling your child in school? Getting a license to work as a plumber or hairdresser?Think again – because in the coming years you won’t be able to do any of the above without a federally issued ID number.

In one of the most compelling works on personal freedom to date, author Claire Wolfe describes how the abuse of the Social Security number will erode privacy. Intrusive identification systems make the concept of free communities impossible. Wolfe outlines ways to protect yourself.

In this book you’ll find:
* The advantages and disadvantages of being out of the system
* How easy it is for anyone with a computer to abuse personal information about you – information you thought was confidential.
* How health care needs to evolve to escape the Number net
* The workings of an underground economy as the financial basis for a new nation

The only way to slow and eventually stop the “numbers game” is to take action, whether it be using fake I.D., participating in a free community, or organizing creative chaos. The first step, however, is to read this book. Before it’s too late.

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