Burglar Cloak Vali V5


Make them sorry they even tried….

SmokeCloak VALI V5 is the perfect choice for securing small rooms, for instance:

Small rooms PC-equipment, beams, flat screens, optical equipment, valuable documents etc.
Small stores with safes, expensive goods such as perfume, IT-equipment, jewellery, tobacco Server rooms
Local security (point security) – securing a local area in a large room
Trouble free operation
Battery backup
Short time to heat up
Low power consumption
No dripping & no “puffing”
Automatic fluid stirring – no fluid separation
Fast re-charge after activation
Automatic heat exchanger high pressure cleaning
Integrated fan – prolonging unit lifetime
With the development of the SmokeCloak VALI, a range of fog generators with a unique performance has been created. The extremely high and powerful output is created by the new patented heat exchanger system that transfers the heat directly to the FL600-V fog fluid. The firing is explosive and the fog is distributed instantly. In combination with the explosive performance, the SmokeCloak fluid also retains its long lasting, dry, dense fog characteristics. Because of this the SmokeCloak VALI is able to achieve improved immediate protection with a long lasting effect.

Easy installation
Simple and trouble free installation is made possible through using the mounting bracket included. Its design allows flexible placement of the SmokeCloak VALI as the wiring does not have to fit the exact position of the power outlet. The machine can be placed and mounted vertically or horizontally with the same supplied bracket by one installer in less than 45 minutes!

Patented heat exchanger
The core of the unique SmokeCloak VALI Range is its patented and revolutionary heat exchanger system, which transfers heat directly to the fluid. Historically the heat exchanger has been the heaviest component in the fog generator, but with the new design the weight has been reduced by 12 kg compared to former product generations.

Fog density sensor included
The patented re-activation system – Cloaksensor – automatically ensures an ideal fog density in the room until the alarm is re-set. The optical sensor constantly measures the fog density and re-activates the SmokeCloak if the fog density is reduced. As long as the fog density is sufficent the SmokeCloak will not re-activate. This saves fluid and prevents overcondensation and thereby greasy surfaces.

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