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Hawk Droid Real-Time Cell Phone Surveillance

Cell phone surveillance software for real-time application

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Product description

HAWK Mobile Monitoring by Paraben Corporation

The HAWK App is a monitoring App that can be used to ensure the safety of children and seniors online via their smartphones. The HAWK App was created by forensic experts to help keep two of the highest preyed upon groups safe from online exploitation.
HAWK Mobile Monitoring allows the monitoring of call logs, text messages, multi-media messages, GPS location, and web browsing activities from mobile devices. All of these areas are primary areas of risk for kids and seniors in an online environment. In addition, HAWK can also monitor for risk related content such as illicit images, drugs, and guns. Since the HAWK Monitoring application was developed by the forensic experts, the collected data is always considered to be sound. Trust the experts at Paraben to protect your child or senior and watch them like a HAWK.

The HAWK App just needs to be installed and configured on the device to be monitored. To activate the application takes five simple steps. Note that the application can be seen by the device users, but it cannot be removed without a special password. The information obtained from the monitored device can be viewed on the HAWK Mobile Monitor website.
The HAWK Mobile Monitor allows you to monitor as many devices as you want. You just need to install and configure the application on each device you want to monitor.

Using the HAWK Monitoring application, you can monitor the following:

✔️ [FREE!] Call logs history: Information on incoming and outgoing calls, even if there was no answer, and the detailed information on each call, such as the time the call was started, the phone number from which and to which the call was performed, its sender and recipient (if it is recorded in the device address book), its type (incoming, outgoing, etc.), and the duration of the call.

✔️ SMS activity on the device: All incoming and outgoing messages, draft messages, which have not been sent yet, messages awaiting sending, messages whose sending failed, the sender of the message, the time the message was received, sent, or created, its type (draft, sent, etc.), and the contents of the actual message.

✔️ Multi-media messages: Incoming and outgoing messages, draft messages, which have not been sent yet, messages awaiting sending, and messages whose sending failed. You can download and view the files sent in a message, as well as the sender of the message, the time the message was received, sent, or created, its subject, its type (sent, draft, etc.), and text sent along with the file.

✔️ GPS information: After enabling GPS tracking on the device, you can view the history of its movement, information on location, speed of the device at the certain moment of time, as well as download and view the GPS history data on the actual map.

✔️ Web history from the default browsers installed on the device.
Premium Edition
✔️ Risk Content Monitoring from illicit images that might be downloaded to the device to images of guns and drugs, you are alerted to any potential risks.
Call logs information is always provided for free

Since the application is protected from removal with the password, note the following items that are unique to uninstall the application:

1. In the device Settings, tap Security and then find the Device Administrators settings.
NOTE: The Security menu and the Device Administrator settings names and locations might be different on different devices.

2. In the Device Administrators settings, tap Device Admin of HAWK.

3. You will be asked to enter the PIN defined during the HAWK Agent installation. In the Password box, enter the PIN and tap OK.

4. The Device Admin of HAWK page opens. Tap Deactivate.

5. In the device Settings, tap Apps and then tap the HAWK application.

6. In the App info menu, tap Uninstall and then tap OK in the confirmation message.

7. The uninstall

Technical details

Size: 59MB
Version: 2.1
Developed By: Paraben Corporation ( Privacy Policy )
Application Permissions: ( Help me understand what permissions mean )
  • Read the user's contacts data
  • Monitor incoming SMS messages, to record or perform processing on them
  • Read SMS messages
  • Monitor incoming MMS messages, to record or perform processing on them
  • Write to external storage
  • Get notified that the operating system has finished booting
  • Allows an application to read (but not write) the user's browsing history and bookmarks
  • Access fine (e.g., GPS) location
  • Open network sockets
  • Access coarse (e.g., Cell-ID, Wi-Fi) location
  • PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming
  • Access information about networks
  • Change network connectivity state
  • Receive message via Amazon Device
  • Read from external storage
  • Read only access to device state
  • Allows an application to receive messages via Google Cloud Messaging
Minimum Operating System: Android 6.0
Approximate Download Time: More than 5 minutes

Product includes 6 months of monitoring service